Ski/Snowboard Rentals

Need ski/snowboard rentals? Come see us. Our rental skis, which are entirely parabolic, will make your trip down the hill way easier. The boys will get you sized up with the proper ski size, boot and you might even have a laugh while you’re at it. Just come on down to the rental pit and look for the big green bench. Chances are, you’ll get a surprise visit from Shamus, Chief & Douglas — but heed our warning: they will distract you.

The boots we’ll give you are all Salomon, and we’ll make sure they fit well. Wear one pair of good ski socks! Wearing three pairs of cotton socks is a big no-no. All that does it throw the fit of the boot off AND it’ll make your foot colder! (We know, it’s kind of weird. But more cotton socks means your foot will sweat more, and it won’t wick, and the sweat freezes…you get the point.)

New! Weekend rate. Commit to the entire weekend and save big! Starts at 4 on Fridays. 



Snowboarding can be a real pain to learn, and we understand that. A lot of times, people rent snowboards and go out on the hill just to come back miserable because they didn’t have a good time. In most cases, this has to do with the fact that a lot of rental gear is old technology. The boards are heavy and durable — meant to take a beating.

Luckily for you, this season The Boardroom is offering brand new rental equipment. Now, all of our boards are Salomon Drift Rockers, which means there’s a rocker underneath your feet (reverse camber). This means that the tip and tail of your board aren’t pressing into the ground as hard, which eliminates the catch-and-break-your-face contact points. It’s like magic!



Have you heard of Boa? It’s a metal cable that runs throughout your boot. When you turn the wheel at the front, the cable tightens. No more blowing through your fingers with laces. No more trying to get your boots tight enough. It’s so easy. We scrapped our old rental equipment and replaced them with Salomon Boa rental boots. Super comfortable, super easy.


 For the Kiddies

Listen. We know you’re probably coming on vacation with your 4 kids and your brother’s 5 kids. We know that going out to dinner can be a real adventure. But here’s the thing — we love kids. And kids love us because we have beagles. So make it easier on yourself and come let us take care of the kiddies and their ski/snowboard rentals so you don’t have to!


Also for the kids.