Ladies Clothing – Look good, feel good!

Ladies Clothing!

The mantra for Sammy is that if you look good on the hill, you’re going to feel good on the hill — in essence, making you more comfortable when you’re on the chairlift, in the lodge or shredding down the mountain. Bright colorways and fits tailored to a woman’s body make it much easier to find the fit and style that is unique to you. Plus, with Sammy’s fashion eye and Jodie’s endless smile, ladies will have the best, most comfortable shopping experience in town.


The girls’ version of Quik, Roxy defines the All-American chick. Tailored fits and unique styles will guarantee that you’re riding well and looking better. Super fun with a mature twist, Roxy captures that style that other brands struggle with.  Using that same California flavor, Roxy gives you the confidence you need to be as BA as possible.


We are so, so psyched to have Volcom back in the store! The iconic Stone logo is known by snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers and everyone else in between. It’s a killer brand that gives us awesome product. Look for the Stone when you come in the store!



Celebrating their 20th yr in biz, 686 is the quintessential snowsports company. This is our second year with the brand, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  They literally offer something for everyone, between fits and fabrics, colors and collaborations, they do it all.  Famous for their “Smarty” system, they make 3-1′s cool again.


Typically known for its accessories, Dakine blew onto the softgoods scene like a Kansas tornado. Providing killer features such as fully-tapered seams, two-way zippers and Primaloft insulation, Dakine’s women’s clothing couples style with technicality.



When Nike started producing snowboard boots, we knew that outerwear wouldn’t be far behind. Manufactured with the same excellence as everything else they make, Nike Snow takes performance to the next level.  Offering styles that others can’t touch, they take their Oregon roots and blend it with East coast style. Believe us when we say that NO ONE else on the hill will have anything close to the outfit you’re rocking.


Layering is critical for everyone that wants to maximize their time on the hill, and remain there all day and night. Putting cotton against your skin will actually make you colder – when you sweat cotton retains the moisture and keeps it close. Performance-driven first layer (like Under Armour and Oakley) will wick the sweat away from your body and keep you warm and toasty. Not to mention, when you’re at home or in the lodge and you ditch your sweatpants, you’ll still be styling!








Ladies snowboards are built much like mens — they have the same alternate-camber technology and bells and whistles. However, because women generally have smaller feet/less body mass, women’s snowboards are built with a narrower waist width (the distance the board runs from toe to heel) and a lighter core (making it easier to decompress and handle).



Much like boards, women’s bindings have the same technology as men’s except they’re smaller to accommodate a women’s foot. Conventional two-strap bindings, like the ones from Union Bindings, give you more performance because you can adjust how tight you want to buckle down. Others, like the B-Real from GNU with Fastec, make it easier to get in an out. All preference!


What The Boardroom has found is that women often struggle when lacing up their boots. They don’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to get the laces tight enough so the boot fits properly. Catering to this, The Boardroom has moved away from traditional lacing and gone more towards power, zonal lacing (Salomon) and Boa technology (Salomon and thirtytwo).