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We are Western New York’s premier snowboard shop! Priding ourselves on being customer service oriented and providing you with an awesome in-store experience, we’ve got the ability to kit you out from head to toe in the industry’s best gear. And if you’re a skier/snowmobiler, don’t be afraid to come in and see what we’ve got (goggles, jackets and much else goes both ways).



Progressive Sidecuts

Snowboards have undergone a pretty drastic technological revolution in the past decade or so. First came progressive sidecuts, like Lib Tech’s Magne Traction. Instead of one single edge (where you’re getting 10-15% edge hold) Mag has a single edge — but is wavy. It’s kind of freaky to look at, but believe us. It works. Try cutting through a steak with a butter knife. Now try it with a steak knife. Works a little easier, right? Welcome to Mag. Never Summer has one called Vario Grip, which has a deeper sidecut underneath your feet where the critical contact points are. Burton has Frostbite, while Salomon uses Equalizer.

The East Coast is super gritty and crusty. Make sure you have something with an edge profile so you’re not getting eaten alive by the ice!


Blended Camber

A couple of years ago, Lib Tech came out with the Skate Banana. It was a design that was radically different than how conventional snowboards were built. With a rocker underneath your feet, Banana wasn’t built like a ski — it was built like a snowboard. The tip and tail, no longer touching the ground, equalized when you stepped onto the board. It’s already in the shape of a turn! Coupled with Magne Traction, Lib Tech snowboards were suddenly the hottest thing on the hill.

The most common shape from Burton you’ll find is Flying V, which is going to be similar to the stuff from Mervin, Never Summer and Salomon.

Now, most companies are building snowboards with some sort of blended camber and progressive sidecut. Blended camber means there is some variation of traditional camber and rocker incorporated into the board. Everything we have in the store will have tech like this.

Lib Tech/GNU snowboards use Banana, Banana with C2 (camber at the tip and tail), EC2 (Elliptical camber) and Enhanced Banana. Never Summer snowboards use Rocker/Camber, which is a blend. Burton’s Flying V is an awesome choice, as is Salomon’s Rock Out Camber.


 Step On

The hottest thing in snowboarding. Four years in development, Burton’s Step On allows you to get off the lift, Step On and go. Three contact points keep you locked in, while Imprint 2 or Imprint 3 boot liners keep your feet warm, dry and comfy. Step On is in extremely limited quantities, and The Boardroom is excited to have it.



Two-Strap bindings are the most conventional, give you the best performance and are the most popular that we sell. Our go-to binding company is Burton, which gives you a ton of incredible binding features like Double Take (teeth on both side of the strap), Re:Flex (the binding flexes with the board), Flex Slider (easy open on the strap) and much more.

Alternative two-strap bindings, such as the Salomon Hologram and Bent Metal Transfer, each have their own unique story. The Hologram has a flexible heel cup which gives you tons of leeway in terms of flex on the board. With a power fulcrum in the middle, power is transferred form toe to heel. Bent Metal uses a transfer plate (actual snowboard core material!) to give lightning fast response from toe to heel.


Fastec is a company that licensed its binding patent to a couple of different snowboard companies — in our store, it’s GNU. It’s definitely a convenience binding. When you fold the highback down, a buckle on the ankle strap pops up — making it easier for your foot to get inside. When you’re ready to shred, you put the highback up, lock down the buckle on your ankle strap and your off!




Traditional Lacing

Traditional lace boots work just the way it sounds. It allows you to get down and dirty and really get your boots as tight as you want them. Find this in the Launch Lace from Salomon.


Boa Technology is something that you can find on snowboard boots, helmets, golf shoes and everything in between. It works like a boa constrictor; there’s a metal cable that wraps around your foot and a wheel you twist to tighten it. For a more defined fit, try Focus Boa – a wheel on the front for the top of the boot; a wheel on the side for the bottom. Your Boa/Focus Boa options: Salomon Synapse, Dialogue, Launch and Faction (men) and Burton Starstruck/Limelight and Salomon Pearl/Ivy from Salomon.

Speed Zone

Burton’s lacing system is called Speed Zone, and you’ve got handles on each side – one for the upper part of the boot, one for the lower. Zonal lacing lets you tighten up the bottom and keep the top tight, or vice versa.