Western New York’s biggest helmet and goggle selection.

Two of the most important things of being on-hill: protection and vision.

When you’re on-hill and you can’t see, you’re miserable. When you’re going Mach-10 and take a spill, you’ll be miserable. This is why we’re the area’s premier place for both helmets and goggles.


Goggles: Oakley, Smith, Anon and Giro.

Lately, the industry has been trending towards quick-change lens technology. Around here (716!) it’s paramount that you’re able to see the snow well. If you’re riding at night, you know that a dark, daytime lens isn’t going to work. Instead of buying two pair of goggles, you might as well buy one that allows you to change lenses easily. Here are your options:


The Airbrake/Airbrake XL from Oakley

The M2/M3 from Anon

The I/O Series from Smith


Helmets: Giro, Smith, Oakley and Pret

Protect that noggin! A common misconception is that ski and snowboard helmets are big, heavy and cold. Not anymore! Light, slimmer and comfortable, helmets can be the difference between a concussion and just a bad spill. On the fly ventilation lets you open up the vents if you’re overheating, while seamless integration with goggles eliminates the Joey Gap. Plus, micro-adjust in the back — like Boa — lets you pinpoint that fit on the go.

MIPS – Seamless Integration – New Oakley Helmet