About The Boardroom (a little history)

The year was 1984. The song of choice was Thriller by the King of Pop. The hottest car was the Toyota Celica Supra. The television show of preference was The A-Team (I pity the fool!). Ronald Reagan was President of the United States of America (The Greatest American!). ’84 was a good year, because it was the year The Boardroom was born.

In 1984, Mike Timkey opened Alpine Ski Rental, which would later transform itself into The Boardroom Snowboard Shop.

Through bad winters, a fire that burned the original business (Barnyard Ski Rental) to the ground and countless hours of tuning rental skis, Mike built the business from the ground up. Eventually, his bride Jodie would join him in this entrepreneurial endeavor. As the business grew and the kiddies came along, the Timkeys would jump on a new sport that was about to take the world by storm.


Mike bought his first 6 boards in 1991. Since then, The Boardroom — as it would become known — has grown into Western New York’s premier snowboard and snowsports destination. Between additions to the building and growth of the store, we are never complacent at The Boardroom.


What we’re about

Yeah, you can probably find cheap gear online. But, friends, online stores won’t mount your bindings onto your board. They won’t make sure those snowpants fit properly and they most certainly will not give you a high five.

We pride ourselves on being customer service driven. This is snowboarding and snowsports — it’s not life or death — so why shouldn’t you have fun? The entire process should be a good time. We want you to come in, hang out with us, chill with our three (3!) beagles and have a couple laughs.

For us, coming to work every day is a blessing. We love (love!) what we do. We want you to love it as well. We want your experience to be so awesome you’ll come back and see us again. Whether you’re renting skis for the day or putting together a board-boot-binding package, we’re going to make sure your experience is top-notch. We wouldn’t be anything without the sterling support of our customers, and for that, we are forever thankful!


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