Christmas Wishlists!

Christmas is right around the corner. Christmas rules.


Shopping for people is hard. You’re never sure what to get for your friends or loved ones, so we’ve done the work for you. This is some great stuff across all price ranges, so sit back and enjoy. There’s one more weekend before Christmas (and Holiday Valley’s Demo Day Saturday the 20th!) so get in here. Or, if you’re not making it here until after the Big Man’s birthday, give us a ring (716.599.5620).

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Stuff you can get: Socks, GoPro accessories, Outdoor Tech speakers/power packs, Crab Grab stuff




$50 – $100



Stuff you can get: Gloves/Mitts (with Gore-Tex!), Tuning Vices, GoPole (GoPro accessories), Bags, Outdoor Tech wireless headphones


$100 – $300




Stuff you can get: Oakley Flight Decks (new!), Oakley Airbrakes, Smith I/O series, Nike Vapens, Burton Malavitas, Giro Edit (with built-in GoPro mount), Union Milans, Outdoor Tech Turtleshells







Stuff you can get: GoPros, Burton Custom X, Roxy Radiance, Nike LunarEndors, Oakley Airwave/Smith Recon, Burton Diode EST, Gore-Tex products


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