• We are closed for the season. Thanks for a great year, and we’ll see you in the fall! If you need to get a hold of us, please send a message to our Facebook page or 716.474.6599.

  • Bluebird days in Ellicottville.

  • Introducing Free Snowboard Rental Tuesdays! We’re doing our part to grow the sport. If you’ve never ridden before and want to get into it, stop by on Tuesdays. Free rentals! Hit the link to learn more!

  • Conditions are all time right now in Ellicottville! If you need daily ski or snowboard rentals, hit the link to check pricing then give us a call to reserve!

  • You’ve seen his photos. Legendary snowboard photographer Tim Zimmerman graciously joins us for Episode 9 of Cold Soup, where he speaks on his roots, his start in the industry, and working with some of the world’s best riders and people. This interview was so good, we had to break it into two pieces. Spencer and Tyler are incredibly stoked to present Part 1 of Ep. 9.

The Latest

  • Winter is back!

    Finally! We’ve been waiting 20 months for actual winter, and it’s finally here. A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how we would trade marginal temperatures in late November if it meant we could get a big blast early-mid December and take off from there. Wouldn’t you know, that’s exactly how it turned out! For…

  • Our Favorite Snowboard Bindings: 2016-17

    Eliminate connectivity issues. Without bindings, we’d be snow surfing (and probably in a world of trouble.) From two-strap to easy access, there’s a world of colorways and tech options for you to choose from. In terms of progression in snowboard hardgoods, bindings are what constantly push the envelope in how we think about connecting our…

  • Our Favorite Snowboard Boots: 2016-17

    Comfortable feet are happy feet. Of all the things you should be focusing on when you’re buying a new setup (or just upgrading), boots might be the most important. To hear this blog post in a verbal format, check out Episode 2 of our podcast, Cold Soup! Is there anything worse than getting 5 runs…

  • Welcome to 2016-17.

    Well, we made it. Last season was tough to get through, but we forged on. Now, it’s go time. Many people in our industry want to bury the 2015-16 season, to erase it from memory, to pretend like it never happened. While we’re not mad about that type of thinking, last season was the type…

  • Christmas Wishlists!

    Christmas is right around the corner. Christmas rules. Shopping for people is hard. You’re never sure what to get for your friends or loved ones, so we’ve done the work for you. This is some great stuff across all price ranges, so sit back and enjoy. There’s one more weekend before Christmas (and Holiday Valley’s…

The Boardroom Snowboard Shop

The Boardroom Snowboard Shop, located at 6113 Route 219 in Ellicottville, NY, is proudly independently owned and operated. We’ve been in the business of sharing our passion for snowboarding since 1991, and snowsports (since Barnyard Ski Rental) in 1984. With an emphasis on customer service and honest business, we want you to come see us, check out what we’ve got to offer, give us a High 5 and hang out with our 3 (!) beagles. And if you’re in the Village of Ellicottville, swing by The Boardroom on Main (@ 14 Washington St.) and see our man Tyler!